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Samoa, previously known as Western Samoa, is a group of islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. It became independent in 1962, and was officially named Samoa in 1997.  It has been a politically stable nation.

Companies in Samoa are incorporated under the Companies Act 1987, and are known as “International Company”.

  • Chinese names (and names in other foreign languages) are permitted. They are listed alongside the English names on the Certificates of Incorporation in a properly supervised manner.
  • Documents may be filed in any language together with a declaration covering an English translation. Memorandum and Articles of Association in Chinese is available, making Samoan companies more appealing to clients using the Chinese language.
  • Companies may pay their licence fees for 5, 10 or 20 years in advance and substantial discounts are offered to companies electing such options.
  • Leading accounting firms and legal practices have set up their offices in Samoa. Chinese Embassy is also present in Samoa.
  • There is no Foreign Exchange Control.

General Requirements of a Samoa Company  [PDF]


Our Services

  • Formation of companies in Samoa from search of company name, submission of Memorandum and Articles of Association to completion.
  • Shelf (or “readily available”) companies are immediately available on request.