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British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) is a group of more than 40 islands in the Caribbean Sea. It is a British Dependent Territory and became self-governing in 1967. 

Companies in the British Virgin Islands are incorporated under the Business Companies (“BC”) Act, and are known as BVI BCs.

  • BVI BCs are popular and are widely used because of their administrative ease, flexibility, tax exempt status, and the fact that they are widely accepted and understood by the international financial community.
  • BVI’s legal system is based on English common law supplemented by local ordinances.
  • Official and spoken language is English.
  • Official currency is US Dollars, and is not subject to exchange control.
  • No taxes levied on BCs with the exception of an annual government licence fee based on the number of authorized shares to be issued.
  • No disclosure requirement for directors, shareholders and beneficial owners to the authority.

General Requirements of a BVI BC Company  [PDF]


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  • Formation of companies in the British Virgin Islands, from search of company name, submission of Memorandum and Articles of Association to completion.
  • Shelf (or “readily available”) companies are immediately available on request.